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Driven by a team of fashion, beauty, celebrity and gossip-loving individuals, SodaBottle takes pride in bringing all the latest and hottest news together in one bubbly space on the World Wide Web. Whether you’re itching to read about an incoming beauty product or dying to know the real score about a controversial celebrity couple, trust that SodaBottle is already a step ahead of the rest.


Besides its uncanny ability to find and deliver the news you want, SodaBottle goes beyond the call of duty as it goes out of its way to pluck the best of fashion and beauty as well. This unparalleled look into the things that move pop culture today is a rare find, especially amid these fast-paced, information-hungry and speed-sensitive times. Always in-the-know, SodaBottle is the one-stop shop for women’s daily fashion, beauty, and entertainment fix.